In today’s fast-paced world, the aerospace industry is experiencing a period of high adrenaline due to its rapid expansion and the emergence of numerous players pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible. From our perspective, it is crucial to accelerate project timelines without compromising the quality of the engineering that underpins aerospace components. These two aspects may seem contradictory, but through our methodologies and experience, we achieve both high quality and adherence to tight development schedules.

Our success in the aerospace industry is fundamentally based on the expertise and training of our teams, who accurately interpret engineering requirements and follow a rigorous design process that guarantees results.

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Aerospace trends

Increasing number of satellite manufacturers, needs for faster development processes:
The fact that a large number of new satellite projects appear increases the pressure to optimize manufacturing and testing processes. New interdisciplinary approaches are under development, which will accelerate the processes to put satellites into orbit.

In the realm of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE), a prominent trend is the adoption of modular and automated systems to streamline spacecraft assembly and testing processes. At Dinvent, we specialize in designing MGSE solutions that enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. The use of advanced automation and robotics minimizes human error and accelerates turnaround times, ensuring higher precision and safety. Our modular designs allow for easy reconfiguration and scalability, catering to various mission requirements. By integrating state-of-the-art technology, we empower clients to achieve cost-effective and reliable support for their aerospace projects, fostering innovation and excellence in the industry.

Case studies

MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment)

We have developed numerous MGSE devices that have facilitated the assembly, testing, and transportation of satellites in development. This not only enabled the successful development of these satellites but also accelerated the entire process.

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