Oil & Gas

It is one of the most dynamic and established industries in the world, with exceptionally high standards and fierce competition across virtually all segments. Just when it seemed everything was developed, the emergence of shale, new environmental standards, and advancements in technology open doors for innovation.

We have had the opportunity to participate in development projects where we could apply knowledge from other industries (Aerospace and Nuclear) as a competitive advantage to achieve results that stand out from the competition.

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Oil & Gas trends

Bottomhole Tool Development
These tools present some of the most complex challenges in the industry, requiring in-depth knowledge across various areas of expertise such as mechanics, fluid dynamics, design, mechatronics, among others. They not only demand profound expertise in each of these areas but also a synergistic integration of them.
New and innovative bottomhole tools will be developed in the medium term, necessitating knowledge, experience, and outstanding skill in managing these capabilities.

Case studies

Test Bench
Many tools or components must be tested on the surface to validate their proper functioning. This is the case with soluble plugs, which must withstand certain pressures and temperatures while dissolving in the presence of specific fluids.
We were tasked with developing a test bench that emulates downhole conditions, versatile enough to change and combine these conditions, safe, and simple to operate.
We developed the complete engineering package (processes, mechanics, and mechatronics) for a device that meets these requirements. Working in collaboration with the client, we determined these requirements and aimed to deliver the best user experience possible.

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