Mining & Metals

The mining sector stands as an enduring pillar of industry, renowned for its stringent standards and relentless competition across the board. Despite its longstanding presence, ongoing advancements in technology and evolving environmental protocols continue to catalyze opportunities for innovation.

We have actively pursued partnerships and projects within this industry, drawing on insights from adjacent sectors such as Aerospace and Nuclear to drive innovation and achieve unparalleled results.

The steel industry is known for handling large volumes of materials and massive components. The pressure to produce within shorter timeframes, with greater precision and safety, presents ideal challenges to be solved through mechanical design and robotics. New and innovative designs of manipulators and robots are on the horizon.

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Mining & Metals trends

Development of Autonomous Mining Systems
The advent of autonomous mining systems marks a transformative shift in the industry, presenting intricate challenges and unparalleled opportunities. These systems demand a holistic understanding spanning mechanical engineering, robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Success hinges on seamlessly integrating these diverse fields to enhance operational efficiency and safety.
In the foreseeable future, we anticipate a surge in the development and implementation of autonomous mining technologies, requiring a blend of expertise, experience, and innovative thinking to navigate this new frontier.

Case studies

Anode Manipulator
In the aluminum manufacturing process, large quantities of aluminum reduction anodes (each weighing 6000kg) are transported using forklifts. However, this transportation method was risky and slow. We were tasked with conducting a study to improve the process by designing a dedicated tool. We designed a tool that seamlessly integrates into the process, compatible with a wide range of forklifts, ensuring not only safety and precision but also an excellent user experience. This tool features a specially designed hydraulic clamp for this purpose.

Tool Component Revamping
In a section of the aluminum manufacturing process, tools suspended from overhead cranes are required. This process is structurally demanding due to temperatures, loads, and cycle quantities, especially for critical components. Due to repeated failures of a series of supports, we were asked to analyze these elements and assess their redesign. We analyzed the supports using analytical tools and finite element analysis, then redesigned the parts. Together with the maintenance team's expertise, we achieved a redesign that ensured greater reliability.

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