Many of our leaders began their careers in the nuclear industry. This challenging and remarkable environment instilled in us a deep respect for standards, safety, and a strong preference for simplicity in design.

Our extensive experience in the nuclear sector has been instrumental in shaping our approach to engineering and innovation. We have contributed to major projects such as the Pallas Project (Netherlands), CAREM25 (Argentina), RMB (Brazil), and the life extension of the Embalse Río Tercero reactor (Argentina).

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Nuclear trends

Machinery Exposed to Radioactive Environments: In increasingly compact nuclear facilities, there is a growing need to reduce the dose rates absorbed by operators, driving the search for automation solutions for maintenance and operation tasks. These environments pose significant challenges as they degrade materials and impede the proper functioning of electronics. Innovative solutions are emerging in the market.

Spent Fuel Reprocessing: This procedure involves devices that must dismantle the fuel structures to separate them from the actual fuel. Innovation is essential to enhance the safety and efficiency of fuel reprocessing.

Autonomous Maintenance: Automating maintenance using robotics and AI is crucial in this industry to ensure reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. New developments in these fields are opening up a universe of possibilities that will soon become standard practice.

Case studies

Hot Cells - Structural Analysis
This equipment consists of a sealed and shielded cell where operations with radioactive material are conducted. The structure must be analyzed to ensure that its design is suitable for service and can withstand operational conditions, as well as potential abnormal conditions such as earthquakes or accidents. We perform the analysis and provide design recommendations to ensure the equipment is safe in all scenarios, following ASME III and Eurocode standards, utilizing finite element modeling tools.

Reactor Core Transport
The reactor core is its main component, where the nuclear reaction for which the entire facility is designed takes place. This component is manufactured in locations far from its final destination and must be transported by truck, ship, and finally installed using a crane. We develop the elements that facilitate this logistics process, ensuring the integrity of the equipment throughout the entire process.

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